Carson Garden Screen

Williamsburg, Virginia

Detroit Metal Elements laser cut and fabricated a 54’ Corten wall in 8’ sections. The metal forming and perforations give this piece an origami effect.


My wife and I are the proud and delighted owners of the stunningly beautiful Cor-ten screen that you made in your shop and that was shipped to us here in Williamsburg, Virginia, two weeks ago. The real credit goes to you three, you and the two architects who designed the screen, Craig Borum and Andrew Wolking. Andrew sent me photographs of the work in progress. So I got to know you by sight, even if I couldn’t match names to faces. Anyway, your faces were often hidden behind welding masks. What wasn’t hidden, then or now, is the craftsmanship you have built into this work of art. I admire the screen every time I walk past it––the precision fits where the base plates come together, the nifty way you managed to bend the points where they stand on the cap piece, the perfectly aligned rake of the angles across the top, and so on. When Andrew was searching for a shop that could fabricate the piece, I told him that the finished product should end up looking like it was worthy of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Well, little ol’ Williamsburg ain’t the Big Apple, which only makes it all the more surprising to find such a beautifully finished object here.

Cary Carson, Owner